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Chenming (3013) received large orders from Asus, and Apple



Although the third quarter NB industry lack of growth strength, but due to the smart phones demand continue to increase, demand of the metal shells and metal components also increased. Coupled with the timing of the 3C electronic sales season arriving, the domestic chassis manufacturers’ performance is expected to have significant growth.


Amount them, Chenming (3013) has the most growth potential! The company's research and development for many years in Nano Molding Technology (NMT) technology finally detonated its business opportunities. In the second half of this year it has been adopted by ASUS (2357). In addition, it also received a large order of iPhone 5 connectors. With the orders from these 2 major merchandise shipments, August revenue will expected to be NT$280 million. The legal person assessment of September revenue will potentially be over than NT$350 million.


Chenming second quarter after-tax loss of NT$58 million, or NT$0.32 per share loss. The company said that under the blessing of the new orders, August revenue has recovered, September will grow explosively. In addition, the market believes Chenming received ASUS tablet, laptop large orders, and also get a large order of the iPhone 5 connector. For which, the company said the customer info is not convenient to disclose.


Following the certification of HTC (2498), in July this year has also been adopted by ASUS, and has been shipping since August, mainly for the Nexus 7 Tablet. In addition, according to Apple supply chain manufacturers pointed out that the iPhone 5 new connectors, the world's only three suppliers get Apple certificated, Besides Foxconn (2317), CNI (Hong Kong Li Ka-shing invested), the remaining one is Chenming. It is learned that Chenming has been shipping the iPhone 5 connectors since August, the amount is about NT$50 million. In September shipment amount will be at least NT$100 million. It is expected to drive for a single month revenue with explosive growth. Legal person is expected it will have revenue over NT$350 million.


In terms of the overall chassis industry, although the third quarter NB industry demand growth strength is insufficient, but because the NB light and thin design approach driven the metal shell and composite shell attach rate increase. Some of chassis suppliers with the diversified process technology is benefited. In addition, the smart phone attach rate in the mobile phone sector also continues to increase. It is increasing the demand for metal shell and metal components. Due to the timing is getting into the 3C electronics sales season, therefore, it is expected to drive up the performance of the chassis industry again.


(Joint Evening News / reporter楊雅婷/ Taipei)