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HTC reached bottom and recovering, Catcher, Chenming benefited



HTC (2498) the new model butterfly mobile phone selling took first place in Japan swoop Apple iPhone5. Inspired HTC stock price last week, approached NT$300. The relevant mechanical component supply chain Catcher (2474) Chenming (3013) share price also went up. Legal person believes Catcher, and Chenming have received orders from Apple and HTC for the metal bezels, covers and related components. It will support the fourth quarter operating contrarian growth, also continues in the first half of this year.


Legal person said, HTC launched butterfly mobile phone in the United States and Japan, has big success, In Taiwan also have sold out and out of stock. Followed by the first quarter of this year there are 3 to 4 new models release, including 2 flagship models. Amount all the market is focused a 5-inch flagship model M7, rumored that the shell is a metal forming, different from the current butterfly model. The first quarter operation result in this year of the major metal shell supplier Catcher, is also attracting attention.


Legal person said, Catcher has mobile phone customers include HTC and RIM. Benefited from the second half of last year, mobile phone customer orders gradually picked up, the mobile phone related revenue of Catcher also has gradually grown. Driven by the Apple iPad mini volume increase, Catcher combined revenue in November of last year reached nearly 5 months’ high. It is expected to continue in December. Legal person believes that in order to meet the fourth quarter of last year's revenue target for increase by "double digits", estimated December revenue must over NT$3.5 billion.


The foreign investors also optimistic about the Catcher operation in the future.. Among them, Macquarie believes Catcher has strong growth momentum in the first quarter of this year. It will come from HTC's new flagship models, as well as RIM's Blackberry10 system new models, another big customer Apple: iPad mini and laptop MacBook Pro 13-inch. Macquarie believes that if all of the product can be shipped smoothly in the first quarter of this year. The revenue of Catcher in the first quarter of this year is expected to be better than the fourth quarter of last year. Morgan Stanley is also optimistic about the operation in the first quarter of this year. Which has the opportunity to receive about 70% of the HTC flagship model M7 orders. It will be a great contribution to the performance of Catcher.


Cathay Securities estimates that the capacity utilization rate of Catcher in the fourth quarter of last year is about 85 to 90%. Compared with less than 80% in the last season, with an estimated single-season gross margin is around 43.6%, upped 1.5% from the previous quarter. Quarter earnings per share is around NT$3.7. The last year revenue is about NT$36.9 billion, with annual increase of 2.8%, gross margin is around 43.1%. The earnings per share is around NT$12.1.


reporter蔡乙萱/Taipei reported