Chenming Electronic Tech. Corp.



Prototype Center

The leading scale of the Uneec Numerical Controlled Sheet Metal factory is well known in the industry. The distinguishing feature of the production process is simple, fast, and periodic. It can satisfy the customer needs for the prototype production, especially good for low volume, high mix, high complexity mechanical design. Such as High-end servers, and etc. Our rapid development and mass production capability, not only meets the customer customization needs, but also able to provide technical, flexibility, real-time integrated services.


Features of Prototype Center


Short developing cycle  


Suitable for low volume, diversified products


Utilize equipment characteristics for flexible manufacturing


Simple tooling stamping, not require hard tooling


Stamping die and soft tooling mixed production process


Hardware Equipment & Process Manufacturing

Our team has a stable and mature process design, mold forming, bending forming, NCT mold development capabilities, coupled with well-equipped sheet metal processing machinery and equipment, so that the production site can be flexibly and dynamically distributed machine synchronization operations at any time to reach the optimized production platform balancing. This is also a solid support for our unique market and leading industry peers.