Chenming Electronic Tech. Corp.



Assembly Integration

Chenming has been a manufacturer of press mold design and metal products with leading technology and strong R&D ever since 1976. In 1985, we have taken a huge step into the information industry and have begun manufacturing Barebone system. Chenming has established a design center in Taipei headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Dongguan(China) and Ningbo(China) to provide our customers with an overall manufacturing service and total solution.


Assembly Integration Specialties

This center integrates metal stamping, plastic molding, surface treatment and assembling within a single manufacturing facility. It provides customers with professional product integration services. From R&D, design, mold fabrication, mass production, finished product to market, forms an end to end service to meet customer needs.


Hardware Equipment & Process Manufacturing

Uneec has always been known to the industry with excellent manufacturing quality, accumulated more than 40 years of professional experience, and established a good foundation of trust with customers. In order to enhance the consistency of process capability, it has introduced fully automated intelligent production equipment and produced various types of products include desktop computers, notebook computers, servers, etc., and holds a leading position in the construction and technology of cloud-based data center.