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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

Chenming meets the expectation of Stakeholder on the aspects of Production & Service, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Social Responsibility. We make great effort on the development and implementation of corporate social responsibility which expanded in Human Rights, Environmental Protection, Morality, Charity, and EHS. Chenming commits to Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility Management, and will strive to practice the commitments and missions.


Main Function

  • Integrating Group Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Objectives ,and set a governance strategy that takes into account SDG development issues.

  • Internal and external stakeholders communicate and coordinate, and carry out risk identification, management and control, and achieve the goal of anticipatory prevention.

  • Annual management review meeting to review CSR governance performance and objectives.

  • Establish a management system and accountability system that complies with local laws to ensure that all business activities of the company are legal Standardization.

  • Compilation of the Group Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report and Reporting to the Board of Directors for consideration and issuance.

Implementation status

The Company has formulated the Code of Practice on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which consists of cross-departmental staff working group on social responsibility. The general manager of the group acts as the convener and distinguishes four groups: labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, and professional ethics. Conduct CSR audits and report performance results for each department in terms of human rights, environmental protection, ethics, public welfare, employee health and safety. And each group regularly organizes corporate social responsibility related strategies, management policies and promotion plans to report to the board of directors.

The so-called corporate social responsibility refers to the fact that enterprises are responsible for creating profits and being responsible to the shareholders. Environmental, community and other stakeholders. The core is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. It widely covers non-discriminatory, without child labor, non-forced labor, and safe and healthy working environment and system

1. To ensure safety and health, to provide safe and hygienic work and living conditions.

2. Legal wages and benefits, to provide legitimate wages and benefits to meet the basic needs of employees.

3. To strengthen corporate governance to enhance shareholder equity.

4. Respect intellectual property rights, follow integrity, fair trade.

5. Implementation of energy-saving carbon reduction, reduce the impact on environmental impact.

Participation in Activities and Inputs

  • UNEEC Participated in the 2021 annual elite alliance, participated in the company's adoption of afforestation activities, and planted a tree of hope for the earth. And  continue to promote green economy, green innovation, and implement corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability in 2022.

  • UNEEC has long been concerned about social weakness and actively giving back to society. Care activities for vulnerable groups In 2022, and send them to love.

  • UNEEC regularly invites blood donation vehicles every year to carry out on-site blood donation activities.

  • UNEEC participate in the "Career Guidance Competition" in 2022 and donate approximately NT$450,000 to contribute to the cultural development of the community.
  • UNEEC invested in CSR of total 5.58 million in 2023.

Staff working environment and personal safety protection measures

Corporation to provide staff safe and healthy working environment, the office environment of the hardware and software facilities designed to protect the safety of employees as the first priority to ensure that employees can get the greatest protection at work. The corporate entrances and exits are equipped with access control card device. The main entrance has 24 hours security guard to protect the safety of employees. The corporate electromechanical or fire-fighting equipment shall be maintained or maintained on a regular, annual, quarterly and monthly basis to ensure that it is in the best condition at all time. In addition, the annual physical health checks and fire drills are implemented, so that employees have their own health awareness, and in the event of unexpected conditions can response correctly. At the same time, the corporation also insured public accident liability insurance to increase the protection of employees at work.

The main production plants in Dongguan, and Ningbo also have a independent department responsible for the plant environmental safety and health management planning, promotion and verification work. In order to enhance the safety and hygiene knowledge of the staff, we carry out the training and training of the sanctuary in the factory, including the entry and serving staff, internal training or external training. Also regularly held a full fire drill to improve staff awareness of fire, reduce disaster losses. The corporation also actively protects the health and safety of its employees through the maintenance, upgrading or improvement of active environmental protection projects. At the same time, in the whole plant area occupational hazards assessment of the status of comprehensive improve occupational health management, implementation from the source to reduce control, engineering protection, personal protection, regular physical examination, regular testing and other aspects of management. The corporate operating system and operating procedures have passed a number of international standard certification, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TS-16949 ... and etc.

Responsible Procurement of Mineral Promises

Uneec has been adhering to corporate social responsibility as our goal, implementing ethical procurement and promoting sustainable development of the industrial chain. Uneec commits that no conflict minerals from those high-risk areas or high-risk entities which identified by RBA,OECD and customers is used in the raw materials provided by itself and its suppliers. According to the strategies and practices of 3TG in Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI,Uneec conducts the due diligence and evaluates all raw materials which are provided by suppliers and raw material supply chain to ensure Ta,Sn,W,Au,Co (3TG) and their derivatives do not come from high-risk areas or high-risk entities, and also do not finance or benefit the armed groups and entities that are perpetrators of serious human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an adjoining country or other areas, Uneec explicitly requires suppliers to comply with the above policies and measures.

Uneec adopts the standard conflict mineral report template(CMRT) developed by Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) to conduct the due diligence of 3TG to raw material suppliers , and is committed to being 100% survey; also to pushing the declared smelters and refineries to be certificated 100% by CFSI or other international organizations; to ensure Uneec meets the social responsibility requirement of conflict-free in supply chain.