Chenming Electronic Tech. Corp.



Tooling Fabrication

Before the tooling design, we work with customer to understand the mastery of the end product design then perform a professional mold flow analysis to identify the best tooling features. It avoids some product design changes, and reduced the mold changes in the future. Which ensures the newly developed product structure and mold structure quality. The mold development process is efficient, simple and practical. It improves the production efficiency and reduces product cost.


Tooling Fabrication Features


Metal Die

Applicable products includes: servers, computer products and other mechanical components.


Plastic mold

Applicable products includes: computers, monitors and other exterior parts and internal structural parts.


High precision MIM mold

Applicable products includes: mobile phone parts and accessories, medical equipment, automotive parts, gaming and other high-precision components.


Hardware Equipment & Process Manufacturing

We have comprehensive and massive advanced equipment. In addition to high-precision mold manufacturing capabilities and high-precision CNC machines, high-precision grinding machines, high-precision wire cutting equipment; the processing and measurement accuracy also can reach the customer requirements. The long-term accumulated technical experience in cooperation with major branding customers can provide rapid development and design capabilities to meet customer demand for customized mold manufacturing and quality assurance.