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MIM Process

Our manufacturing process induced Metal Injection Molding (MIM) since 2002. The MIM technology is derived from the ceramic powder injection molding technology. Until now, MIM has become an important part of the metal manufacturing industry. The process characteristics of MIM are particularly suitable for the manufacture of parts with high shape complexity. The fine powder used has a low surface roughness after sintering and can be applied to the appearance of parts such as watch casing, accessories and mobile phones surface parts. The MIM process only requires a set of molds, which can be multi-cavity, especially suitable for mass production of small parts. In addition to the above characteristics, MIM is also suitable for making parts with porosity or metallic composite materials, such as medical equipment made with titanium alloys or metal parts used in the aerospace industry.


Metal Injection Molding Characteristics (MIM)


It is particularly suitable to produce complex shaped, highly precision and high strength metal parts.


Material development can be applied to many types of metal alloys, for variety of molding applications.


Can be applied in mass production to reduce the traditional metal processing procedures with great cost advantages.

Materials and Applications

MIM Process

The process involves kneading a mixture of metal powder and thermoplastic binders to form a mixture called feedstock, the feedstock is then injected into tool. The ejected green part then undergoes the debinding process and then sintered to form the final product with density of more than 95%.

It has been commercialized in the 1970s and has faced rapid development in countries such as America, Japan and Germany in the past decade. With over 10 years of expertise, Uneec is take the leadership in the MIM process and manufacturing technology. It has post-processing and secondary processing ability, can provide customers complete product services.


Hardware Equipment & Process Manufacturing

In order to respond to the customer's immediate and diversified needs, we continue to introduce various sophisticated and advanced equipment to provide high-productivity, high-precision dimensional inspection and high-mechanical fully automated processing equipment. A group of professional elite technical teams are available to meet customers' new product technology development at any time. Our factory has the most competitive advantage and the perfect production environment to meet the future trend of diversified demand.