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Chenming is formed with a professional and enthusiastic team, where you will learn through high-performance organization and work with the excellent customers. You will be able to fully actualize your professional skills and potentials for building your comprehensive career planning and life experience. If you are interested in the search for the appropriate jobs in 104 job bank website, or to join Chenming by directly delivery your resume. We wholeheartedly welcome you to join!

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Interview reminders

  • 1. Interview process, for you to better understand the work content and Chenming team, one or more executives will be arranged in the face to face interview. You may be required to prepare for a briefing presentation in advance if necessary.

  • 2.  After the interview is completed, the corporation will integrate the interview results and discuss with the supervisor for the decision to appoint.

  • 3. If accepted, the HR will personally notify you through the telephone and e-mail for the results and terms of appointment. Then get you ready for the relevant procedures.


Contact us

Welcome to call 02-27973999 extension 8706-8708 Ask about recruitment related matter!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a message Our improvement is counting on your comments and suggestions.



Learning and Development

We attach importance to the comprehensive learning and development of the individual, providing a variety of training courses and learning environment to enhance self-worth, to achieve personal and team goals, and then combined with the core values of enterprises to create the vision you and I look forward to.


All-round training development

A comprehensive training system, according to your job functions to plan the functional courses, development required knowledge, skills and strengthen your management skills. You will be gradually developed toward the corporate future high-level leaders.


Diversified learning development

Construct and design the multiple learning channels, to enhance the effectiveness of training, and encourage colleagues to continuously strive for excellence.


Systematic training architecture

In line with the long-term development of the organization and the need for talent cultivation, we formulate "learning maps" of all walks of life and systematically cultivate the path of learning through different roles.


Work and Life

Chenming is committed to provide comprehensive welfare measures and safe working environment, so that every employee can work and live with the protection and balance.

Welfare measures

Flexible attendance system

The corporation provides a variety of leaves and provide flexible working hours according to the law. Colleagues can take leave or work with flexible hours without worries.

The three festival cash(coupons) and subsidies

May Day Labor Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival gift and birthday gift (coupons)

Wedding gifts, birth certificates, hospital grants and funeral condolences

A number of dinner activities and travel subsidies

Parking offers


Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

In accordance with the law, the corporate insures the labor insurance, health insurance and monthly pensions for each employee. The employee has the group comprehensive insurance, including life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and cancer insurance. Colleagues staffing or taking business trip abroad have extra insurance coverage, so that whose family and colleagues can work with peace of mind.

Complete retirement mechanism

The Corporation, in accordance with the Act, deposits 6% of the monthly salary to the Labor Bureau's retirement account for new employees and old employees who choose to apply the new pension regulations on 1st of July 2005. The old employees who have applied the old pension scheme and the old retention period of the original employees who choose the new retirement scheme shall be calculated and the retirement allowance shall be made to the Taiwan bank account by the original employee retirement pension payment standard. For the colleagues assigned by the organization to transfer to the affiliated business, the length of service continues. It provides more protection for colleagues, also keeps the talents within the organization. According to the provisions of the local government, the overseas subsidiaries follows the defined contribution pension system. Such as monthly payment of pension, medical and other social security payments.

Take Care of Colleagues Physical and Mental Health

The core concept of the Chenming management philosophy is we are a family. To help you understand your physical condition, through regular staff annual health check, physical and mental health forums and health promotion activities, to take care of the physical and mental health of colleagues.



Working environment

Follow the occupational safety and health law and other relevant laws and regulations, to establish the safe and healthy workplace.

Well-equipped staff training classrooms, cultural corridors and book reading rooms.

Comfortable and safe discussion area.

Equipped with staff parking lot for cars and motorcycles.

Gender equality working environment, enable the fair career development.

Equipped with nursery room with access control, to give colleagues secret and comfortable nursey environment.