Chenming Electronic Tech. Corp.



Project Service

Professional OEM/ODM manufacturer, establishing global logistic operation system

Chenming is one of the major global OEM/ODM manufacturers in principal mechanical parts. Having established headquarters in Taiwan, Chenming has developed a global logistic operation system by expanding its global sites to include operational bases in Asia, thus providing Chenming's global customers with prompt and flexible services. Chenming is able to satisfy the project commitments with its customers due to its solid R&D and years of expertise in the industry. By establishing excellent relation and a mutual trust with our customers, we are also able to produce market leading products that would allow our customers to concentrate on market planning, creating mutual benefits for both parties.


Complete Service and Solution

icon-check 1.Completed design of manufacturing processes and technology.
icon-check 2. Total mechanical solutions: Assembly, Integration, Engineering & Supporting.
icon-check 3. Product testing
icon-check 4. Logistics management.
icon-check 5. Develop and strengthen customer's core value chain.
icon-check 6. Widen product innovation and value-added margin.
icon-check 7. Flexibility of delivering prototypes.

Emphasis on green product design and development

Chenming has been working towards green solutions by incorporating the green theme in design, research and development, manufacture and services. This indicates Chenming's awareness towards current environmental trend and our willingness in taking actions. Chenming's design team is also responsible for the planning and management of the manufacturing process, including product generalization, industrial and structural design, prototype building and product entry. Our team is not only able to respond promptly to customer's request due to the complete system integration capability, but also taking market segmentation into consideration, while providing project services that would be beneficial to our customers’ market strategy and demand.