Chenming Electronic Tech. Corp.






I. Customer Zone

Chenming Mold Ind. Corp. (UNEEC) was established in 1976. It is specialized in the sales, design and manufacturing for the personal computer chassis, server chassis, and mechanical components for handheld device. If you have any inquiries about these business, you may contact us through the following ways.

II. Supplier Zone

In order to promote the sustainable development of Chenming, we must establish a partnership with suppliers. UNEEC and suppliers both are required to comply with business relevant social responsibilities; including RoHS, labor rights and ethics, health and safety, risk management and ethics.

III. Employee Zone

Chenming provides employees with diverse ways for feedback, so that employees can fully express their views and suggestions to maintain the harmonious of the labor relations. If the employee has a labor relationship, job-related or occupational safety and health issues, can be feedback in the following ways.

IV. Investor Zone

The company pays great attentions to the views of investors and maintain a good communication channels, in addition to a spokesman system, and in accordance with the provisions of the company web site and public information stations to publish relevant revenue and business financial information, strengthen the information to disclosures and protects the investor rights.