Chenming Electronic Tech. Corp.



Clone Server

Consistent Solutions and Complete Customized Products

Chenming designs and produces a variety of  server standard chassis and accessories for customers around the world. In order to meet the immediate, and unique demands from global OEM and ODM customers, Chenming developed a comprehensive service system. Including manufacturing facilities in Dongguan and Ningbo to provide customers with an end to end process and solutions. It effectively reduced R & D and manufacturing costs, to achieve a win-win cooperation opportunities.


Custom Tooling Design and Production Services

Chenming has a sound advanced professional mold center, to provide custom mold design and production services. We made the metal mold, to ensure that can withstand more than 600k to 1 million stamping cycles, plastic mold can reach 300k to 500k injection molding cycles. Chenming not only has the leading technology in the industry, but also applies strict quality control process from raw material to end products. We provide professional after-sales service system to meet customer needs.

Reduce Development Time and Cost

Chenming products are developed with mold and NCT combined manufacturing process. Which can significantly reduce the mold development cycles and verification time and cost. It can effectively enhance product development efficiency for customer.

Diversified Manufacturing Process Creates an Integrated Flexibility

For the low volume high diversity parts can be produced with NCT. When the products need to change, the new design drawing can be immediately put into production. For stable lavage parts with high volume can be made with tooling for mass production. The tooling and NCT combined application created a highly flexible manufacturing process that cannot be achieved by the tooling only production, it also reduce the chance for EC costs.