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Chenming received top award for industrial sector, Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award 2004



Chenming Mold Ind. Corp. has been awarded the Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award today(11/18), with Chairman Mr James Lin receiving the award on behalf of Chenming. The Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award is organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in recognition for industrial or service industry that has seen sustainable development. The award has been organized as a way of improving the nations' productivity and is also the most prestige award for the industrial sector.

Chenming has obtained excellent result after written grading from industrial, government and academic sector, onsite inspection and final selection phase, passing through stiff competition and test. Chenming is chosen to be the award recipient in the IT section. In recent years, Chenming has been receiving several awards including HP's [Contribution in Quality Award] and [Contribution in Outstanding long term business partner Award], IBM's [No.1 in Global Server OEM all round Service Award], pushing Chenming to become an ideal partner for the desktop, server, laptop and mini barebone manufacturing. 

Moreover, with the help of its industrious crew, Chenming has obtained the ranking of 263 in 1999 issue of Taiwan's top 1000 Enterprise, 251 in 2000 issue and at the same year, a ranking of 33 in top100 technology. In the year 2003, Chenming has improved its ranking to 193 out of 1000 enterprises, consequently obtaining the Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award in 2004, further proving Chenming's innovative development capabilities and determination in sustainable management. 

Chairman James Lin also stated that the Award is a type of encourage, on the other hand, it is also pressure. The encouragement is that it represents the assurance of all the efforts that have been put in, while the pressure would serve as a type of motivation for Chenming's future direction. Chenming has the utmost confidence in its future course and will put much emphasis on its Human resource and research development. And by restructuring and expanding its production line, Chenming hopes to achieve the objective of becoming one of the leaders in the industry.

(Contributed by cnYES's 張宜芬)