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Chenming ventures from computer casing manufacturer into system development with 



New client and new shipment orders potential new success.

Chenming Mold Ind. Corp's chairman Mr James Lin had stated during the 30th anniversary that the company will be able to attain sustainable management. With the induction of new clients and new product, Chenming's corporate revenue has seen a strong growth, and James is optimistic about Chenming's future. General manager, Mr Joe Kao had stated that Chenming had transformed from a sole computer casing manufacturer, into a system solution developer. Besides having the expertise to design and manufacture computer server casing, Chenming had also jointly developed the LCD TV with Fujitsu. Moreover, Chenming had also developed an educational system together with its American client for the American academics, with initial shipments expected by the end of the year. With the induction of new shipment orders and new clients, Chenming will be able to shake off almost 2 years of unsatisfactory performance, with estimated growth at 30%.

Chenming celebrated its 30th anniversary and the launching of its corporate headquarters on the 29th of September. Attending guests that was present to witness the event includes CEO of Quanta Mr Barry Lin, General Manager of Fujitsu Mr Kuniaki Saito and Intel's Asia's sales inspector Huang.

Chairman James Lin has stated cheerfully that he is delighted that Chenming is able to reach the 30year milestone without much obstacles and the company would always adopt the attitude towards a sustainable corporate business, obtaining a respectable corporate performance.

Barry Lin had remarked during his speech that patriotism is not just about chanting slogans. Corporate who sets up its headquarters in Taiwan like Quanta and Chenming, paying taxes to the Taiwanese government are the examples of being patriotic.

General Manager Joe Kao stated that, Chenming has progressively segment its product. Besides the main product focus of computer casing, Chenming has also shifted some of its efforts on system development, with the joint venture between several clients blossoming into products. The LCD TV and PC system, which is the product of the joint venture between Chenming and Fujitsu, is standardized by both Chenming and Fujitsu with the software jointly developed. However, Chenming would be in charged of production and assembly while Fujitsu will be will be in charge of marketing.

He had stated that another potential product would be the educational system, which is the integration of projector, PC, audio system. It is jointly developed by Chenming and its American clients especially for the American market, with Chenming in charge of production. There are plans for Dongguan production line to be responsible, with the first shipment of 500 sample units to be delivered at the end of the year. Large production volume would be reached around the second and third quarter of 2007, with rise in revenue of up to 30%.


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