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Chenming Chenming Kenmos backlight module, initial shipments by the end of the year backlight module, initial shipments by the end of the year



Computer casing manufacturer, Chenming Mold Ind. Corp. decision of product diversification has paid off. The backlight module factory in Ningbo, co-owned by both Chenming and Chi Mei Optoelectronics's(3009) supplier, Kenmos Technology(8107) would commence production by the end of the year, with full capacity being reached next year. It would play an important part in Chenming portfolio other than its server and desktop computer casing.

In the beginning of the year, Chenming and Kenmos Technology announced a joint venture in Ningbo production line, with Chenming controlling 30% stakes, providing metal and plastic parts. Chenming top finance aides Mr. Rome Lo stated that the factory would start production by December and would become one of Chenming's main product next year. The joint venture has already attracted some thoughts due to the fact that Kenmos is actually one of Chi Mei's supplier of a major spare parts.


Enthusiastic approach in the development of educational system Besides the backlight module, Chenming had also developed the educational PC, which includes the projector, personal PC and audio system. The price of each set would cost more than the prior three combined. Currently Chenming has received several orders from American district schools with 500 units being shipped out at the end of the year.

During Chenming's 30th anniversary yesterday, Chenming's strategically business partner (associate) Quanta's(2382) Chairman Mr. Barry Lin countered journalist questions regarding his health by stating that he shows up at his office everyday and goes mountain climbing on occasion and even asked them "Do I look healthy?or not?".

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