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MIM+OPPO metal shell, the performance of Chenming picked up in January, expansion is expected in Feb. 2015.



The initial results of Chenming (3013) cut in the smart phone aluminum alloy shells is reflecting. The orders from the Chinese branding OPPO has been shipping in January. It is one of the reasons pushed up the performance of the month. The combined revenue of the month reached NT$308 million, tied the previous month's 15-month high record. It has 9.87% growth over the same period last year.


In addition, the company's board of directors formally approved the expansion of MIM (metal powder injection molding technology) production line. This month it will import a continuous furnace from Germany to meet the customer demand. Through its excellent MIM technology, the business penetrate the smart wearable market. Not only has the orders from Apple Watch, but also won the Chinese branding orders.


In recent years through the NMT (Nano Molding Technology) and MIM technology, Chenming is transitioning from the PC chassis market to smart handheld device market. Aimed at the high price of the mobile phone metal back cover, last year it partnered with Huawei to produce a smart phone metal back cover. This year it obtained the order from OPPO and started to delivery in early January. This business sector has gradually matured.


Although the learning curve of the smart phone metal back cover is longer also the product life cycle is short, so the challenge is not low, but the results of long-term work has emerged. With MIM orders flocked, Chenming first quarter revenue forecasted NT$9 billion. To challenge high record of the past 9 quarters, there is opportunity to grow quarter by quarter over the year. The annual revenue target is more than NT$3.5 billion, with more than 20% growth rate.


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